Around the turn of the century, Mahatma Gandhi encountered apartheid in South Africa. He organized the Indian community to resist a new governmental requirement designed to segregate and tighten controls. Gandhi asked people to sign a pledge to resist. He urged them to carefully consider the consequences of signing, for there were sure to be loss of jobs, imprisonment, and hardship. But they were also to consider the consequences of complying with a repressive governmental policy. All 2000 people present signed the pledge that night, and the resistance movement was born.

Inspired by Gandhi's work, we have designed a pledge and are seeking the company of 1000 people to join us. We strongly feel that in community we will be better informed, emboldened, and much more hopeful. We ask you to consider the consequences of signing the pledge, and the consequences of not.

Heart of the Earth Pledge

I vow to investigate what it means to become native to this place, and to do so in accordance with the ecological realities of this landscape;

I vow to investigate the use of fossil fuel energy sources by my household, and as far as I am able, to reduce that use by 30% within the next 36 months;

I will measure my purchases, travel, lifestyle and desires against the following two questions:

Is it sustainable?

What do the unborn of all species, all those waiting to be born, ask of me now?