The Heart of the Earth movement has been established in the Red Hills and Gulf Coastal Lowlands Bioregions of North Florida/South Georgia to advance the essential work of living sustainably and harmoniously within the web of life at this place on our planet.

Photographs courtesy of David Moynahan


This beautiful anthology is intended to spark important conversations from Thomasville to Panacea, from Apalachicola to Aucilla, about how we might collectively guide our rapidly-growing region into a future that won't break our hearts.

In this volume, 38 writers, scientists and students share their abiding love of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast and its sea life. Unspoiled reminds us that now is the time to shift from the oil dependent, industrial economy that is devastating our planet and driving climate change. It is time to transform our culture into a way of living in balance with the greater web of all beings, a culture based on truly sustainable lifestyles and clean, renewable energy sources.