About Us


Who We Are

Committed to taking personal action to stem the tide of global warming, a small council of individuals formed Heart of the Earth to begin the task of promoting a pledge to reduce fossil fuel use by 30 percent within the next 36 months. In support of this pledge, through memberships, community-building, educational workshops, discussion groups, newsletters and this web site, Heart of the Earth offers effective, science-based and doable solutions to the problem of global warming.

The work of Heart of the Earth is focused on what we believe are the three major problems of our time: consumption of the Earth's resources without regard for the catastrophic impacts of our actions, a sense of separation from the Earth of which we are a part, and a weak sense of connection to the particular place where we live-and therefore effective stewardship--on the part of the people who live here.

We enter into this work fired by the urgenciy facing our planet, and our growing understanding of the impact of our human actions: that we, as North Americans, are only among 25 percent of the world's population, but consume more than 70 percent of the world's resources, and eat more than 60 percent of its food.

We believe that understanding the ecological gifts and constraints of our bioregion will allow us to develop effective and sustainable strategies so that all of us--human and nonhuman--may continue to live here.


Heart of the Earth Founding Council